Our food products are also consumed by our own family members

Our family members be it children, adults and elderlies are also consuming our own food products in the long term. Therefore, we make sure our food products are made with care and high hygiene level. 

Many people are suffering from health issues including some of our family members, therefore producing convenient healthy food products is also our mission to help our own family members. We have witnessed tremendous health improvements and example of recovery cases around us. 


Supported by government agencies

We have received significant government support for our human health advocacy efforts. We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people around the world by promoting healthy lifestyles and advocating for better public health policies.

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to take control of their health through education, advocacy, and access to healthy food and lifestyle choices. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life, and they are committed to making this a reality for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our team
Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd founder

Mr Branden


Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd co founder

Ms Allycia



Ms Wendy

Food Technologist

Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Admin

Ms Lina


Award-winning Healthy Food Manufacturer

Abrand Food is a popular and award-winning healthy food manufacturer that has gained a reputation for producing high-quality and nutritious brown rice beverages. We have received recognition both locally and internationally, and we continue to innovate and offer new and exciting flavors to our customers.

Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd award ecoworld

"Ecoworld Alliance Bank Bizmart's champion was awarded to Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd in 2014. There were 2000+ other participants and 6 rounds of shortlisting for NutriBrownRice® - a brand owned by Abrand Food to make it to the top winning seat."

Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd healthy food manufacturer malaysia

"Since 2012 establishment, Abrand Food operated in a boutique factory to test out the success in providing health food to the world. After 8 years of successful track records, Abrand Food has then expanded to a 11,000 sqft two lots factory in Melaka."

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