In 2015, more than one medical doctor suspected our founder’s eldest son might have bone cancer. But luckily, it was a bone infection.

This incident has inspired both our founder and his wife to become the  ‘health ministers’ of the family. They found out that brown rice is the world’s healthiest food!

However, our founder’s three children dislike consuming brown rice compared to white rice. So our founder,  Branden created smooth brown rice drinks.  And due to the long-term consumption of antibiotics, his son had a bad digestive system too. So, lactose was removed from our brown rice drinks. Brown rice has natural hypoallergenic properties.  Our founder’s son finally started to consume NutriBrownRice® happily and he grew from skinny to chubby. His whole family has started to become more healthy!

Today, we own the proprietary advanced technology processing method which could transform the brown rice’s rough texture to ultra-smooth and the aromatic powder is instantly soluble as well.

What makes us unique is the agro-techno capability that can retain the brown rice’s natural vitamins and minerals. According to the report from the lab test, our pure brown rice powder consists of around 20 nutrients essential to the human body. Ex: Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B1, B6, B3, E, K, Protein, Potassium, Dietary Fibre, and folic acid.


We design a range of fast-moving consumer products with our very own in-house brown rice powder. Currently, these goods are being exported to Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and China. Not only that, our facility for manufacture is certified with ISO22000, Halal, GMP, and HACCP. Thus, we are one of the preferred healthy food manufacturers by our customers.

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