NutriBran™ (100% Pure Brown Rice Powder – Instant)

Have you ever felt tough to prepare two different meals for your family and baby? Yet, you prefer them to have nutritious foods. We produce this natural pure brown rice powder which is high in vitamin E and natural nutrients. Now, you can put together nutritious and yummy meals for your baby and other family members in a go.



Brown rice instant powder is made with freshly dehulled brown rice with a thicker bran layer, where more than 60% of natural nutrients of whole grains are found.  It is hypoallergenic, easily digested and the nutrients are appropriate for vegetarians. Suitable for those who are sensitive towards milk, wheat, and soy. NutriBran is carefully made with unbroken brown rice that is supplied directly from paddy fields. It’s a seed with life, a nutritious rock star!

Vitamin E is recognised to be a robust antioxidant to combat free radical damage that can cause cancer. However, Vitamin E that comes in supplement form does not show equal results as natural vitamin E in fighting colon cancers, asthma issues, safeguarding cardiovascular/pancreas/kidney health, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. 100g of brown rice powder serving has 6.1mg of natural vitamin E (similar to 3 avocados’ vitamin E)


  • For 6 months old babies and above
  • Cancer patients
  • People lack in intake of whole grains
  • People with asthma
  • People with depression
  • People with excessive diabetes/cholesterol
  • Can be added to smoothies/baked meals and many others (replace 20% of white flour in any recipes!)


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