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We offer a wide variety of product development to help businesses to achieve brand success.

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Abrand Food is your trusted partner in private label manufacturing for health, sports, and weight management products, offering customized solutions and expert execution of your vision. Our primary goal is to create bespoke products that maximize your market success by aligning with your unique ideas, all while staying attuned to the latest trends and industry advancements.

Our wealth of expertise serves as the foundation for your private label success. Abrand Food provides a significant advantage as your partner in private label product development, backed by our team of seasoned experts with years of experience. Our knowledgeable team, consisting of nutritionists and food technologists, boasts a robust portfolio of reference products and innovative concepts, developed in close collaboration with suppliers, universities, and research institutes.

Our comprehensive private label services include:

  1. Consultation and Concept Development
  2. Formula Development
  3. Selection of Premium Raw Materials
  4. Sample Production
  5. Utilization of Cutting-Edge Technological Standards
  6. Rigorous Product Testing Prior to Launch
  7. Compliance with Food Regulations
  8. Strategic Packaging Concept Implementation
  9. Local and global logistic arrangement

With Abrand Food, you can trust in our dedication to crafting private label products that not only meet but exceed your expectations, setting you on the path to product launching and market activation.


Stability Testing Services for Your Products at Abrand Food

At Abrand Food, we prioritize the utmost quality of your private label products. To guarantee this quality, we offer comprehensive application and stress tests as a part of our final development stage. These tests allow us to meticulously evaluate key attributes like shelf life and storage conditions. If necessary, we can adapt or fine-tune the recipe to ensure optimal product performance before it reaches the market. Our accelerated stability tests provide an additional layer of assurance regarding product stability.

Furthermore, we employ a range of analytical methods to facilitate the dependable development of your product right up to its launch, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Upon the successful development and manufacturing of your products, we take care of all necessary documentations and paperwork for quality control, ensuring that you are not only well-prepared to serve your customers but also fully compliant with regulatory authorities and official bodies.


At Abrand Food, our robust supplier relationships and substantial volume enable us to offer attractive terms that you can take full advantage of. This becomes especially crucial if you do not have an in-house, strategically positioned procurement department. By entrusting your procurement needs to us, you can have absolute confidence in consistently receiving the highest quality across every aspect of your supply chain.

Operational Optimization

Abrand Food Manufacturing prioritizes operational optimization to deliver top-quality plant-based functional foods efficiently, sustainably, and in alignment with market demands, ensuring excellence in every aspect of production.

Design AND packaging

At Abrand Food, we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Your ideas, preferences, and suggestions are of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to ensuring that your vision is not only visually striking but also adheres to precise printing guidelines. If you so choose, we are more than willing to unleash our creativity and manage the entire design process.

Our commitment to meticulous care and precision is non-negotiable. Through close collaboration with our printing partner, we assure swift creation of your print materials, regardless of the scale of your project, be it small or large print runs.

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